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Poll Everywhere gives each student a discreet way to voice their opinions and comprehension

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Hear from the entire class at once

Poll Everywhere gives shy or reluctant students a way to respond freely alongside their peers. Use interactive questions to gauge understanding and adjust your lecture based on feedback from the entire room. Students respond simultaneously from the privacy of their tablets or other devices.

Since feedback is anonymous, everyone can focus on what is said rather than who said it. All students have an equal opportunity to be heard.

Know when students are struggling

Collect live feedback and adjust your lecture to cover gaps in understanding

Create a question

Choose from six question types, including word cloud, open-response, and multiple-choice. Control when and how students respond.

Collect responses

Present your question online or embed in slideware. Students respond live using their phones and mobile devices. Hear from the entire class at once.

Discuss the results

Feedback appears in real time directly in your question slide. Use the results to springboard a larger discussion without calling on individuals.

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Constant connection between students and educators

"[Poll Everywhere] helps a lot of shyer students who don't always contribute in class voice their opinions a bit louder."

This quote comes from one of senior lecturer Deborah Husbands' students at the University of Westminster. "We feel more comfortable with each other now," said another student. "We feel like we can talk to each other because it's something fun to do."

Check out this video to see Husbands and her class demonstrate how you can incorporate a student response system into your classroom.

Poll Everywhere in the classroom

Using a student response system to help students learn

Formative assessments

Know how the entire class is feeling, not just the most vocal. Gauge comprehension quickly and easily without putting anyone on the spot.

Anonymous discussions

Promote empathy in the classroom by giving each student the chance to be open and honest without revealing their identity.

Engaging activities

Reclaim attention with animated word clouds and live classroom voting. Results appear in real time within PowerPoint or directly on the web.

Physics is tough, and Poll Everywhere makes it easier to be a physics teacher.

Tom R.

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